What you’ll find

Spacious Own Tent Pitches

individually mown in the meadow grass

Fire pits with every pitch

option to buy crates of Chantry’s firewood (seasoned with time aka not kiln rushed) w/ our own firelighters too!

An array of wooden carts and wheelbarrows

to decant luggage from car to pitch

Garden chairs to borrow

you don’t need to bring those plastic things which regularly break

Clean composting Loos

.. + organic soap, cotton hand towels.. so nice if the door is open, the wren and even barn owl like to fly in sometimes

Open-Sky Washing Bays

Hone your flannel skills: Glorious in summer, think sea-swimming in winter BUT with piping hot water from the barn. See A word on washing – on the Tent & Hut pages

Three Bronze Age Monuments

yes really!  A Round Barrow, Platform Barrow and Cross Ridge Dyke from approx 4000 years old to a mere 3000. Listed.

Wolstonbury Dreaming Booklet

w/ Sacred Ground map, dream nudges, notes for a splash of Spa..take it home as reminder…

Shepherd's Huts in Space!

The space outside matters: Hence the choice individual locations

A Small Carpark

prebooked only.  – we’re close to bus routes/quick cab from Hassocks rail.. no EV charge points as our off grid system is small

A Film Screening Room

if you book to watch 200m Years to the Bronze Age (filmed here)

Gorgeous wolstonbury water

mineral water from this ancient hill via a little filtration and UV to you

Off grid electricty

sleep above the mains power grid, charge your phone with solar and wind!

Barn Owls, Badgers, Skylarks. plus the odd Glow-worm

Keep in mind they all generally try to avoid humans – except the Glow-worms, they just don’t seem to care.

And don't forget...

Stunning views and the sublimely delicate flora of the South Downs Chalk Grassland.  Time here can seem to flow from one element to another.. Earth, water, air, fire.. earth..enjoy noticing!