Dream Recall

Getting it When We Haven’t Got it


Wolstonbury Dreaming is designed to help with Dream Recall – a journey to perfect it! Why?
Most of us need to improve dream recall: If it’s blurry, so is life! If our dreams are a blurr, we miss a lot! Sleeping on a sacred hill is the perfect opportunity for such an inner journey to complement our outer one.

We help children if we encourage them to recall their particularly vivid dream landscapes. Famous artists, scientists, musicians and even atheletes and revolutionaries have used dream recall to create.. Here on Wolstonbury, the ownership of Chantry Farm is the result of a remembered dream. There are many examples of the benefits of dream recall! Whether interested in Lucid Dreaming, or not, we all benefit from dream recall. Our dreams are sometimes like pointers on a path. If we don’t remember them, we miss a huge part of our own lives!

In the daytime, carrying an unclear feeling from a forgotten dream can be confusing.. Wolstonbury Dreaming, (with a booklet on check-in to explain more) is based on Buddhist teachings, designed as a place to come and stay to allow genuine contemplation and assertive actions to help better understand what goes on in our minds. Next Level Camping is a journey of dream discovery. Wolstonbury Dreaming and the ownership of Chantry Farm is literally the result of a remembered dream. A perfect example of the benefits of dream recall!

Taking ourselves and our life journey seriously means making the most of our sleep. Dream recall is usually a prerequisite of Lucid Awareness in Dream. It has a lot to do with our intention. Great Tibetan meditation masters have taught about the importance of motivation, dream, recall and lucidity, for over a thousand years..

The great Tibetan Yogi Milarepa gave some succinct advice:

‘Remember your Dreams tonight’

Dream Recall