The Science

Science and Ancient Wisdom


Let’s be honest:  We don’t really understand how time or space functions and neither do ‘the Scientists’.  Especially when we consider consciousness – how our minds relate to time and space, and what happens when we sleep and dream.  We fill our days with all sorts of things and life rushes by, yet we, as a culture, tend to consider ourselves smarter than a lot of ancient cultures.  Why?  Because we are ‘scientific’?

Science has excelled in exploring and manipulating the material world, from rockets down to genes..but it still doesn’t understand consciousness! As quantum mechanics explores the boundaries of matter and finds the observer affects the observed., science again confirms Buddhist teachings given over two thousand years ago: The ‘outer world’ and mind aren’t two separate things.  That’s radical for science, yet ‘old hat’ for many ancient cultures and for Buddhism.


Science is also starting to validate ancient meditations working with Dream – particularly teachings on Lucid Dreaming. Lucid Dreaming, being aware that one is dreaming whilst remaining asleep has been practiced in Tibetan Buddhism and other shamanic traditions for millennia. Yet it took until 1975 for scientists to ascertain that Lucid Dreaming is possible via RapidEyeMovements (REM). Hull University showed that once aware in a dream, the dreamer could signal that state with predetermined eye movements. In 1980 Stanford Uni backed this up with ElectroEncephaloGraphs (EEGs) to measure correlating brain activity, and Germany’s Max Plank Institute used MRI in 2012 to show how our prefrontal cortex fires up at the point of lucidity. Our prefrontal cortex active during lucid dreaming then has implications for neuroplasticity, – our brain’s ability to form fresh neural pathways. It literally creates new inner journeys – the brain and our consciousness can – and do – map out new opportunities! This has been known to ‘dream yogis’ for centuries..

Our brains can be measured in waking state as having an electrical frequency of around 40 Hz, with different states of meditation inducing correlating differences in frequencies.. When we are in deepest sleep – our brains ‘run’ at around 8 Hz, but during REM state – the period of sleep when we dream, our brains are ‘signalling’ at around 30Hz. The dream period of our sleep is close to our waking state. Developing Lucidity changes brainwaves still more.. ‘Sleep Labs’ around the world are keen to explore what other impacts can be verified. We already know from Einstein how dreams can actually enable scientific discovery. E=MC squared is the result of a dream..


We inhabit the ‘Schumann Resonance’ here on Earth. The frequency of electro-magnetic resonances detectable in our environment as they bounce between the surface of the earth and our ionosphere about 60 miles up. It’s a partially closed loop system around us, with the ionosphere as its outer boundary which bounces electrical charge from lightening (etc!) back and our planet’s surface. It apparently averages out at approx 8Hz.


Then there’s us walking about: We are embodiments of consciousness inhabiting sophisticated electrical circuitry layered throughout a biological body. This material body of course includes our brain. Electrical signalling permeates the human form – for example via our nervous system. When we are alive, awareness, or consciousness, literally permeates our being. It can be said to create an electrical ‘footprint’. Believing consciousness stays firmly in the brain is as naive as thinking the oxygen we breathe stays in our lungs. Oxygen permeates our whole body, as does awareness. For humans to function well, we require our own finely tuned intelligence and reactions system – and this works through our brain as an electromagnetic signalling system, supported by our biochemical system. Consciousness functions within the human body utilising an electrical system.

In the last 40 years, as ‘modern science’ begins to discover the huge potential of our dream states, terms such as hypnogogic – pre-sleep liminal states, and hypnopompic – apres-sleep liminal states.. will become more familiar. Dream work looks set to surpass even the evolving science of psychedelics as the most effective method for alleviating PTSD. It can help students make higher grades and athletes achieve previously unattainable goals! Kinaesthetic learning – ‘learning by doing’ can be invoked with awareness of dream, not just in sporting achievements, but even the resolution of physical ailments.

Best of all, the development of profound wisdom is possible. New heights, the Next Level, can be attained in every area of life! Here again the ancient spiritual traditions are still way ahead: What is it we should all be trying to achieve anyway?! Wise and joyful minds, kind hearts and cohesive societies.

Wolstonbury Dreaming at Chantry Farm plans to play it’s part!

Wise and joyful minds, kind hearts and cohesive societies.

Wolstonbury Dreaming at Chantry Farm plans to play it’s part!

By taking literal steps to affirm our intention to work with our dreaming mind, we might one day even to master all deluded appearances!  Meanwhile by deepening our experience in nature, especially an environment where there is much less Electromagnetic Radiation, WiFi and other subtle forms of brain bombardment, we enrich ourselves and thus naturally improve our environment. Next level sustainability!