Seriously Sustainable

The ultra eco-ethos at Chantry Farm


To tread lightly… the facilities here are as respectful as possible to this place and all it gives us, – that is also Next Level Camping!

Power – Chantry Farm is completely off-grid – 100% solar and a nifty little wind turbine! Its taken a decade to develop a robust system which makes the best of our position on the Downs. Sorry we can’t charge visiting electric cars – on summer days we’ve just enough for the farm PHEV!

Solar-thermal panels on the barn roof provide piping hot Wolstonbury water (sometimes necessarily helped by good ol’ gas).

Drinking Water from Wolstonbury  – This sacred hill provides gorgeous potable water rich in minerals, much as Glastonbury Tor does..Ours via a borehole deep in the chalk aquifer.

Green Loos – the only way to go! Never mind ‘net zero’ this is a genuine commitment to sustainability. Composting loos are like Gatekeepers and a rite of passage. Peeps who can’t cope don’t get to come! Really its sacrilege to poo in water. Here we really do give a sh*t!

Eco body washes – Bucket washes make a C21 eco-return! Control the heat and your flannel! (freshly laundered ones provided). Outside washing bays on warm days naked under the sky = divine!) If its cooler, brave the Wim Hoff vibe..or take water + flannel into the Huts/ your own tent. Our whole bodies don’t need washing every day – ‘top and tail’ is easy with a flannel – another eco-camp initiation! Master Flannel Washing, for a zen eco cleanse. Organic low impact soap and eco-loo rolls are provided, but if you have your own ‘gentle on the earth’ toiletries, do bring. NO wet wipes please – not even the ‘biodegradable’ ones! Use a flannel!

Barn Owls – We’re delighted that the barn owl boxes installed in partnership with the Woodland Flora and Fauna Trust are popular with the resident nocturnal beauties. They are happy no chemicals are used on the pasture so its tussocky – a rich feeding ground as well as a suitably organic bedroom for the skylarks up top.

About the sheep – Our woolly visitors (they don’t live at the farm all year round) come and go when conditions suit, but, vegetarian or not (most staff here are) if we want to see the increasingly rare flora and fauna of chalk grassland survive sustainably, it has to be grazed. So cloven footed flocks abide.. They don’t fart much methane if they are given a (naturally) varied diet aka hedge and flower snacking. Thank you to the SDNP for their help with delicate rural management requirements..

We even encourage high end fashion shoots with suitably sustainable woolly blankets!

We love the 21C, but IT sustainability matters a LOT – The office runs on OpenSource Linux IT – we’re done with BigTech bloatware – the only Apple Store we’re interested in is for the orchard! We’re not buying ‘carbon credits’ either. Genuinely sustainable local business = not too much reliance on global tech aka No Insta or other social media..Congrats on finding us anyway!