Dreaming at Chantry Farm

If you’d like to…book the whole site, or a DofE group, or you want to bring more than one canine chum.. or you are on a location recce. Please email or call 07540 350384.

If we failed to explain something which should be clear – like Can we have fires? (yes) in which case we’d be grateful to hear what’s been forgotten in the rebrand!

However, please do your best to use the auto calendar system because quite often staff are carrying armfuls of logs and answering the phone isn’t so easy..and email takes time because we don’t use Google or GPT4s Ai to reply… but emails do get answered almost daily!

In general we firmly believe the world can do with more human interactions and less automated everything, so if you really do want to speak to someone, please call 07540350384 – just keep it to office hours please..   It seems most people book their hols at about 10pm.. which is why the automated calendar is there.

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